Special Offers

As a member of the Florida Chapter you enjoy benefits that come from partnerships the National Board has established with companies in the tax industry. One such company is Tax Materials, Inc.–Publishers of The Tax Book which offers members special discounts.

As a FL NATP member you receive 10-25% off all The Tax Book products including: The Tax Book series, WebLibrary, Client Handouts and more. Plus you receive free shipping year round. There is still time to place your order for the next tax season.

In addition to the member discount, Tax Materials, Inc.-Publishers of The Tax Book will make a donation to our chapter based on the orders received from members using the discount promo code. The donation will increase by $5 for each book puchased and $10 for each subscription to the WebLibrary.

To Order: www.thetaxbook.com/order

Use Promo Code: 433

To learn more about The Tax Book and all of the products offered by Tax Materials, Inc. please visit their website www.thetaxbook.com or call 866-919-5277

Our organization appreciates the partnership with Tax Materials, Inc. We hope you take advantage of the member discount and order The Tax Book for the 2016 tax year.