Pre Cruise Party

The pre-cruise get-together will be on 11/2/18 at 7 pm at the Tampa Marriott Westshore.  It is one of the three hotels we had to choose from. It will be a BYOFD (Buy Your Own Food and Drink).  Meals are still deductible in 2018.. HAHAHAHA!  The meeting place will be the Blue Bistro Lounge at 7 pm, the night before the cruise (11/2/18).  You can bring your family/friends if they want. This will be a great chance to meet other cruisers

To get the Park, Stay, and Go package, call the Marriott directly at 813-287-2555. Ask for their “Park, Stay and Go Package”. Book and stay and you’ll get parking (if you’re driving in) and shuttle service to and from the airport (if you’re flying in) and the shuttle to and from the cruise ship.

Other hotels offering the package are the Hampton Inn Airport. 813-289-6262. Ask for their “Park, Stay and Go Package”. Also, the Holiday Inn Tampa Bay. 813-289-8200. Ask for their Cruise Package. In addition to the same sort of transportation arrangement as above, this package includes breakfast for two adults, too.